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Privacy Policy

Like nearly all websites that process transactions, we use cookie based tracking to track user sessions and process reservations. If you turn cookies off it will still try to work, but it is far more likely to show an error page during the checkout process.

Like nearly all websites we record log data like pages you visit, ip address, etc. Your browser sends us much of this data as part of its normal function. This is very helpful for fixing things when they go wrong and helping us understand or improve how people use our website.

If you decide to contact us or make a reservation with us online, over the phone, or in person we will collect information like your name, address, email, etc. We share this information with our credit card processor in order to process transactions. We may use information provided to contact you, frequently in the form of an email reservation confirmation. The owner of the property you rent will get a report that includes your name and the dates you rented.

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