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A Deer on the Cliffs2012Nature, Outdoor, Resort, Animals, TownhousesA Deer on the Cliffs directly behind the lodge building
A Family of Geese2012Nature, Bay, Birds, Animals, OutdoorA family of Geese. Taken from our beach area I think.
Barge PusherMay 24 2013Bay, ShipsWhile this ship looks like a moving lighthouse, it actually plugs into the back of a massive barge and pushes it along.
Bay Cottage on Ice2013Winter, Bay cottage, Cottages, Resort, Bay, Outdoor, AlisaBay Cottage over looking the frozen waters of Sturgeon Bay. Taken by Alisa.
Bay from railing2011Bay, Summer, ResortA picture of the Bay looking left from the right side of the office.
Bicycles on fall roadOct 7 2014Bicycles, Road, Resort, Fall, NatureThe resort bicycles placed on the road that passes through our property.
Brilliant Red Tree in Fall2012Fall, Leaves, Trees, Outdoor, NatureA beautiful red tree on a road somewhere in fall.
Bulk Freighter2012Ships, Summer, Resort, BayA Medium size bulk freighter moving through the bay.
Bulk freighter Kaye Barker departingAug 9 2012Robert, Ships, Bay, SummerThe bulk freighter Kaye Barker departing into Green Bay. Taken by Robert.
Cave Point frozen cliffsFeb 12 2018Kathy, Cave point, Outdoor, Nature, Winter, CliffsCave point county park frozen cliffs. Taken by Kathy.
Cave Point glass iceFeb 12 2018Kathy, Cave point, Outdoor, Nature, Winter, IceCave point county park ice that appears glass like on the water. Taken by Kathy.
Cave Point ice coatingFeb 12 2018Kathy, Cave point, Outdoor, Nature, Winter, IceCave point county park coated with ice. Taken by Kathy.
Cave Point ice sheathed cliffFeb 12 2018Kathy, Cave point, Outdoor, Nature, Winter, CliffsCave point county park cliff sheathed with ice in the winter.
Cave Point icicle caveFeb 12 2018Kathy, Cave point, Outdoor, Nature, Winter, Lake michigan, CaveCave point county park cave with hanging icicles. Taken by Kathy.
Cave Point icicle cliffs northFeb 12 2018Kathy, Cave point, Outdoor, Nature, Winter, CliffsCave point county park cliffs with icicles. Taken by Kathy.
Cave Point icicle cliffs southFeb 12 2018Kathy, Cave point, Outdoor, Nature, Winter, CliffsCave point county park cliffs with icicles. Taken by Kathy.
Chairs overlooking beach2012Chairs, Beach, Resort, SummerThis picture is of our beach area from the embankment next to it.
Cliffs behind Resort2012Nature, Trees, Summer, OutdoorSome of the Cliffs Behind Cliff Dwellers.
Cliffs behind the lodge2012Resort, Outdoor, Nature, Townhouses, SummerThe Cliffs directly behind the lodge building
Coast Guard Bouy TenderJun 17 2013Bay, ShipsThis is a picture of the coast guard bouy tender on its way somewhere.
Cottage in Fall2012Maple, Fall, Outdoor, Resort, Leaves, Nature, Trees, CottagesMaple Cottage in early fall.
Cottage in late fall2012Maple, Fall, Outdoor, Leaves, Resort, Nature, CottagesMaple Cottage in late fall.
Cottages overlooking the water2012Resort, Outdoor, Cottages, Bay, SummerSome of the cottages of Cliff Dwellers take from the Bay
Country Road in fall2012Fall, Outdoor, Leaves, Nature, Road, TreesColors surrounding a country road in mid fall.
Crane by the Bay2012Nature, Bay, Birds, Animals, OutdoorA crane overlooking the bay. Taken on the property adjacent to Cliff Dwellers.
Eagle on dockMay 24 2013Nature, Bay, EagleThis picture was taken on the dock of the property directly adjacent to Cliff Dwellers. It is a rare sight.
Empty Transport ShipJun 17 2013Ships, Bay, SummerEmpty transport ship exiting the bay.
Fall Colors overhang roadOct 9 2012Fall, Oudoor, Resort, LeavesTrees draped with fall colors overhang the road as seen from Cliff Dwellers.
Fall Highway to Cliff Dwellers2012Fall, Road, Trees, Leaves, ColorsThe main highway coming into Sturgeon Bay in late fall.
Fall Tree from the townhouses2012Fall, Trees, Resort, BayA fall tree as seen from the lodge building.
Fall Trees overhanging road2012Trees, Nature, Fall, Outdoor, Road, LeavesTrees overhanging a small road in the fall.
Father and Son rowboat2006Boat, Bay, ResortA father and son in a rowboat. The boat has been replace since with a newer one.
Flock of Ducks on the Water2012Bay, Nature, Animals, Birds, Resort, SummerA flock of docks on the water. I think this was taken from our beach area.
Fog rolling in2012Fog, Bay, Resort, Ships, SummerFog rolling in on Cliff Dwellers obscuring a large ship in the Bay.
Heron on the rocks2012Nature, Bay, Birds, Animals, Outdoor, Resort, SummerI think this is a Heron. Perched on the rocks by the beach area of Cliff Dwellers.
Heron taking off2012Bay, Birds, Animals, Outdoor, Nature, Resort, SummerI think this is a Heron. Taking off from the rocks by the beach area at Cliff Dwellers
Ice on the Bay2012Bay, Shoreline, WinterIce on the Bay in early spring
Kayak ready for waterJul 11 2017Boat, Resort, BayA kayak setup suggestively on our beach.
Large FreighterMay 28 2013Bay, Ships, FogA large bulk freighter moving through fog in the evening. Taken from common area.
Loaded Transport ShipJun 17 2013Ships, Bay, SummerTransport ship carrying something unusual moving through the bay.
Lodge from the Cliffs2012Outdoor, Nature, Summer, Townhouses, Trees, SummerThe lodge building from the cliffs behind the resort.
Looking up through a tree in fall2012Fall, Leaves, Trees, NatureLooking up through a tree in mid transistion in the fall.
Moon over bayJul 4 2023Bay, Night, Outdoor, Summer, PoolRed moon and shipyard shining over the bay.
Niagara escarpment2012Cliffs, Nature, Resort, NiagaraThe cliffs of the Niagara escarpment behind the resort.
Northern GoshawkJul 14 2013Robert, Resort, Birds, Animals, Outdoors, Nature, SummerNorthern Goshawk with fresh kill. Taken from Townhouse balcony nearby by Robert.
Panorama of Bay shorelineOct 4 2012Bay, Resort, Summer, OutdoorsA panorama shot of the shoreline opposite of Cliff Dwellers.
Paul R. TregurthaAug 24 2012Ships, Bay, RobertPaul R. Tregurtha, largest on Great Lakes. Taken by Robert.
Paul Tregurtha in drydockAug 25 2012Ships, Shipyard, Bay, RobertThe largest ship on the Great Lakes in drydock. Taken by Robert.
Pelican Lovers2012Nature, Bay, Animals, Birds, SummerA pair of Pelicans in the water of Sturgeon Bay. Taken from the property adjacent to Cliff Dwellers.
Pelican on the Bay2012Outdoor, Nature, Bay, Animals, Birds, Resort, SummerA pelican on the waters of Sturgeon Bay just outside of the Cliff Dwellers Beach area.
Pelican taking off2012Bay, Nature, Animals, Birds, SummerPelican taking off over the waters of Sturgeon Bay.
Pileated WoodpeckerSep 2 2012Animals, Birds, Robert, Outdoors, Nature, SummerPileated Woodpecker taken in Potawatomi Park by Robert.
Pingpong near the bayJul 6 2017Pingpong, Bay, Resort, CommonsThis is a picture of one of our common areas along the shoreline.
Pool overlooking the Bay2013Pool, Bay, Resort, SummerA picture of the pool with the Bay in the backdrop.
Pool with Sail in the distance2013Pool, Bay, Sailing, Boats, Summer, ResortThe pool with a sailboat in the background.
Rain clouds loom over the bayJun 1 2013Bay, Summer, OutdoorRain clouds loom over the bay in early evening. Taken from just right of the office
Sailboat in the distance2012Bay, Boats, Sailing, Resort, SummerA sailboat in the distance. Taken to the right of the Cliff Dwellers Office.
Ship parking lotFeb 12 2018Kathy, Ships, Shipyard, Bay, Resort, WinterShips parked outside Bay ship for winter servicing. Taken by Kathy.
Ship with Tugs in IceFeb 26 2011Ships, Winter, Resort, BayThis ship also has a tug in front of it pulling and clearing the way.
Ship with Tugs in Ice x2Feb 26 2011Ships, Winter, Resort, BayThis ship also has tugs pushing from the rear.
Shipyard at night close upAug 25 2012Robert, Shipyard, ShipsA close up picture of the shipyard at night taken with a powerful zoom lens. Taken by Robert
Shipyard in the moonlight2012Ships, Bay, Summer, ShipyardThe shipyard across the Bay shimmering in the moonlight.
Shoreline of Potawatomi Park2011Outdoor, Nature, Shoreline, Park, BayA picture of the shoreline in potawatomi park.
Spa building in FallOct 2 2012Fall, Resort, Spa, Leaves, OutdoorsThe Spa building overhung with trees in the fall.
Sun glowing through fall leaves2011Fall, Leaves, Trees, Outdoor, NatureThe sun glowing through the leaves of some trees in Potawatomi park.
Sunset on the Fog2012Outdoor, Nature, Shoreline, Bay, Summer, FogThe sunset on the fog coming over Sturgeon Bay. Taken from property adjacent to Cliff Dwellers.
Sunset on the Frozen Shipyard2013Ships, Bay, Winter, Resort, AlisaThe sun sets on the frozen shipyard across from the resort. Taken by Alisa.
Teired cliffs2012Cliffs, Resort, Summer, NatureThis is a picture of the tiered cliffs behind the resort.
The pool shimmers in the sun2012Beach cottage, Pool, Summer, Resort, OutdoorThe pool shimmers in the sun against the backdrop of Beach cottage
The Solitary Ice Shanty2013Winter, Bay, Resort, Ships, AlisaAn Ice Shanty on the frozen Bay. Taken by Alisa.
Townhouses from the Pool2012Townhouses, Pool, Summer, ResortThe Townhouses as seen from the pool area.
Tree on side of Road2012Trees, Fall, Road, Outdoor, LeavesTree on side of road while approaching the resort in mid fall.
Trees glowing in the fall2011Outdoor, Nature, Fall, Park, Leaves, TreesTrees glowing in the sun in early fall in potawatomi park.
Wooden Sailing Ship2012Sailing, Ships, Boats, Bay, Wooden, SummerThis blurry photo was taking of a wooden sailing boat in Sturgeon Bay from around the beach area.
Work shipMay 31 2013Ships, BayA work ship motoring through the bay.

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